About Me

Carlos Rene Castro was born in El Progreso, Yoro Honduras, in 1998. He migrated to the United States at five years old with his parents to pursue the American Dream. Carlos and his family settled in what known as an agricultural town of Salinas, California. His family lived there for two years before moving across the nation to Coral Gables, Florida. While in Coral Gables, Carlos experienced the multicultural environment that South Florida has to offer. Due to financial issues, Carlos and his family decided to move back to Salinas.

Carlos graduated from Alisal High School in 2016 and is currently now a freshman at Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California. His plan is to transfer to a four year university to study Fine Art. Carlos was first introduced to art a young age when his dad bought him a point and shoot camera for Christmas. He would photograph scenery in family trips and capture the moments with his camera. Growing up in East Salinas,  Carlos feared that one day he would be murdered due to the high rates of youth violence in Salinas. It was common for Carlos to read in the local newspaper that former classmates were killed.  He was afraid that he would be another homicide added to the list. He used this fear to illustrate emotions in his photographs.  

Carlos reveals the hidden beauty in the community of East Salinas through analogue black and white photographs. His work is unique because he is photographing the streets of East Salinas which has never been done before. Carlos wants to pursue his viewers to wonder and his question his work. He wants the viewers to be puzzled about the work and hopefully the viewer will find his/hers own perspective of the work. Carlos has changed his work over the years by being more comfortable with the camera and manipulating the camera to its fullest potential. Carlos is influenced by his community and his past experiences that shape him to be young man he is today.